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Korea: The Air War 1950-1953 (Osprey Aerospace)

Автор: rolipcp от 30 июля 2021, посмотрело: 2647

Korea: The Air War 1950-1953 (Osprey Aerospace)

Many veterans of the Korean War may sometimes wonder why so much sympathy and attention is lavished on those who lost in Vietnam, when so little is given to those who successfully preserved the integrity of South Korea, enhancing the reputation of the USA and its allies by winning a Western victory in the Cold War. The UN Forces lost 142,000 casualties in Korea described by one prominent historian as the 'Century's nastiest little war'.
Perhaps it was the closeness of defeat, on more than one occasion, that led people to want to forget it. In the first stage of the war, the UN Forces were driven back into a tiny pocket around Pusan, from which evacuation seemed the only option. After the second stage, in which MacArthur landed at lnchon and pushed North almost to the Yalu river itself, the UN were pushed back hundreds of miles again, by a rag-bag army of Chinese guerrillas, operating virtually without air or artillery support. Later a succession of UN offensives pushed the front line back to the 38th Parallel, where the war stagnated into a frustrating and unsatisfying campaign of attrition in the bleak and rugged mountains.
Perhaps people would rather forget a war in which the Commander-in-Chief desperately wanted to use nuclear weapons, or one where the Western Democracies quite properly fought shoulder to shoulder with South Africa, although this created a debt which no liberal would want to acknowledge today.
Perhaps the war has been ignored by history because nothing seemed to have been achieved, at least in territorial terms, since the 1953 Armistice Line is virtually identical to the original 1945 Partition and pre-war border. Perhaps it was that Kim Il Sung remained in power in the North while the West's equally undemocratic and distasteful puppet regime under President Syngham Rhee was not swept away either.
And yet it was a victory. The Communist North Korean invasion was repulsed, and in the air at least, the West won a decisive and undisputed victory. This book is not intended to be a definitive history of the air war in Korea, nor is it a complete survey of the aircraft or units which participated. It is merely a photographic salute, dedicated, with respect, admiration and gratitude, to all of those who fought for the United Nations in Korea, but especially to the men of the air forces, whose contribution probably tipped the balance.

Title: Korea: The Air War 1950-1953 (Osprey Colour)
Author: Jack C. Nicholls, Warren E. Thompson
Publisher: Osprey Publishing
Год издания: February, 1991
ISBN-10: 1855321157
Язык: english
Страниц: 128 pages
Format: PDF
Size: 26.56 MB

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Категория: Авиация, Авиация после Второй Мировой, космонавтика, Страны НАТО

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